Do you want to know what art supplies and tools I use and how I use them? 
Check out my supply recommendations. These are some of my favorite items that I use when I create my Artdolls and figures. ​​​​​​​
Air dry clays

LaDoll clay

Tools and brushes to sculpt

My favorite clay to sculpt is an air dry, stone clay, called LaDoll Premix from Padico's Japanese brand. I work the volumes with my fingers and the details with water and nail art brushes.


Another air dry clay that I love so much to work with is Paperclay, but it's a little thicker, that's why I use it for bigger projects.
Polymer clays

Super Sculpey Medium Blend

Sculpey clay softener

Wax Carvers Tools

Rubber Precision tip tool

Nail brushes and tools set

I use Super Sculpey Medium Blend, when I need a stronger clay, easy to use, but enough firm to sculpt details. This an Oven-Bake polymer clay. 
I work the volumes with tools like Wax Carvers Tools and Rubber Precision tip tool and details with the Sculpey clay softener and Nail brushes.

Sculpey III White

Sculpey III Translucent

Sculpey III 30 color sampler

When I sculpt doll eyes, I use a mix of polymer clay Sculpey III White and Sculpey III Translucent, for the sclera and Sculpey III 30 color sampler for the iris. I work them with the same tools and brushes listed up here with Super Sculpey Medium Blend.
Apoxie sculpt 

Aves Apoxie Sculpt

Nitrile Gloves

Mini Digital Weight Scale

Wooden tools

Orange Wood Nail Sticks

Nail brushes and tools set

And here's another favorite! Aves Apoxie Sculpt is a 2 part compound clay, air dry, that I use when I want something to be really strong, like a doll core or some tiny details. I use Nitrile Gloves when I mix the 2 parts to protect my skin, and a Mini Digital Weight Scale to messure the 2 parts exactly.
Apoxie works better with wooden tools, and yes, you can see I use a lot this Nail art brushes and tools for details and in this case I add Orange Wood Nail Sticks for small areas. I smooth Apoxie with water. 

More sculpting supplies

Pasta Maker Machine

When I work with colored Polymer clays, sometimes I need some extra help to condition and soften the clay. I use this Pasta maker Machine to do it, instead of forcing my hands.

Acrylic Clay Roller

When the clay is soft, but I need to make a layer, I make a ball and then I knead it with this Acrylic Clay Roller

Clay Blades

To cut all kinds of clays, specially the hard ones, I use this Clay Blades

Excel Blades X-Acto knife

For a lot of tasks, to carve, to cut, to part in two, I use this Excel Blades X-Acto knife

Needles Detail Tool

For tiny details, when I need a pointed tool, I use these Needles Detail Tool

Sculpting Wheel

To work comfortable and being able to rotate my sculpture while I'm working on it, I use this Sculpting Wheel

Dremel 3000 multiuse tool 

Dremel 3000 multiuse tool with flex shaft

Dremel flex shaft

Tool Accessories Kit

I use the Dremel 3000 multiuse tool for multiporpose, to drill holes, to cut cured clay, to sand, and much more! This tool make my life easier, I promise. Be sure to get any multiuse tool like this with a Flex shaft, so you can use it like a pen. The Accessories are infinite, just be sure to get some compatible with your multiuse tool.
Painting supplies
3M Sanding Sponge (Medium)
3M Sanding Sponge (Medium)
3M Sanding Sponge (Fine)
3M Sanding Sponge (Fine)
3M Sanding Sponge (Microfine)
3M Sanding Sponge (Microfine)
Before paiting my sculptures, I sand them, a lot! I use these kind of sanding sponges, from 3M: I start with 3M Sanding Sponge (Medium), then with 3M Sanding Sponge (Fine), and I finish with 3M Sanding Sponge (Microfine)
Mr. Surfacer 1200 Spray Grey

Tamiya primer spray White

Then I apply a surfacer or Primer, that fills all the pores and give a porcelain finish, that helps the paint to adhere. If I'm preparing a sculpt for making molds, like a Ball jointed doll, I use Mr. Surfacer 1200 Spray Grey, but if I'm applying the primer before painting, I use this Tamiya primer spray White.

DecoArt Crafter's Acrylic Paint Flesh tone

Princeton Paint Brush Set

FolkArt Matte Finish Acrylic Paint Set

FolkArt Metallic Acrylic Paint Set

Paint Brushes Detail Set 

To paint my pieces I use Acrylics, but not just any acrylic. Because regular ones leave some lines on the figures. I need to use deco art kind of acrylics, like this one for skins DecoArt Crafter's Acrylic Paint Flesh tone and to make a smooth surface, I need to use fine hair brushes, like Princeton Paint Brush Set.
You can get a lot of skin tones by mixing one tone with other colors; with red, orange, brown, with yellow or green, with the FolkArt Matte Finish Acrylic Paint Set. And you can have some fun painting metallic tattoos on them with the FolkArt Metallic Acrylic Paint Set
For details as eyeline and tattoos I use these Paint Brushes Detail Set

DuraClear Ultra Matte Varnish

Mr.Super Clear UV Cut Flat Spray

When I have the skin tone ready, it's time to seal theat with DuraClear Ultra Matte Varnish if I'm working on polymer clay or Mr.Super Clear UV Cut Flat Spray if I'm working on resin or just need a spry.

Soft Pastel Set

I do all the make up with a Soft Pastel Set, with cotton pads and cotton swabs and some of the brushes listed up as Paint Brushes Detail Set, reserved apart specially for make up. Then I apply the Mr.Super Clear UV Cut Flat Spray to seal.
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