Q: What materials and tools do you use?
Oh, I have a whole section about this! Please take a look at: Resources
Q: Are you accepting Commissions?
I use to take commissions twice a year, Please visit the Commisions section to see HIW, but don't hesitate to Contact me and tell me your ideas!
Q: Do you accept Layaways or some kind of Payments Plans?
Yes, I do, you can do small payments with a PayPal Open Invoice. 
They are Open during a whole year, but please understand I won't start working on the Artdoll until the 50% is paid. And the Artdoll won't be delivered until you fulfill the payment.
Q: Why your Artdolls are soooo expensive?
In Spain, if we invoice less than €670 per month, we still have to pay a monthly fee of €225 and they also deduct the general expense deduction of 7%, plus 20% of the quarterly profits.
It takes me 3 or more months to make a complete Artdoll.
And I'll tell you why.
1) I make a drawing design of the character, from the front, the profiles and the back. Naked and then with each layer of clothing. Continuously checking and correcting my clients' ideas.
I design the dresses and create the patterns to make actual clothes.
2) I start sculpting the head, hands and feet. I try to improve with each piece, trying to do a realistic job. That's why I try to continue studying figurative sculpture whenever I can.
3) I create the eyes, designing the irises in Procreate. I print the irises and create the eyes by hand with wood and UV resin.
4) I create the poseable body, joining all the pieces. 
5) I test clothing patterns and adapt them to the body, with cheap fabrics.
6) I cut the final fabrics, silk, viscose, linen, leather. And I dye them by hand. I also paint the details by hand. 
7) I add layer after layer to the outfit, usually have 3 layers.
8) I create the hair by first making strips of individual strands, which I then glue to the head. I do the hairstyle with braids, ponytails or curls, what the design requires.
9) I add details, such as earrings, necklaces, accessories, hair decorations, crowns, etc.
10) I make the extras or props, like swords and daggers, scepters, familiars.
11) If the Artdoll has wings, I create them from scratch, hand sculpting the veins, dyeing the silk, and hand painting the details on the fabric.
12) I do photo shoots, videos, I edit them, I do promotion.
To create an Artdoll like the ones I make, it is necessary to have knowledge of different trades.
Don't get me wrong, I love my job! But they are several jobs at the same time: sculptor, painter, makeup artist, hairdresser, pattern maker, stylist, leather worker, craftsman.
The truth is that I earn very little with this art, after all the time it takes me and after what the government takes from me. I don't have another job. It's all hard work and more than once I've thought about quitting.
Q: How many years have you been sculpting?
I've been a self-taught sculptress since 2011 and last year I studied Figurative sculpting at Manuela Rivero's School. I'm always looking to continue studying everything that helps me improve artistically.
Q: Do you teach workshops or have any online classes?
I've been teaching in person workshops several years, but I'm not planning on open more soon.
I don't have online classes yet, but maybe in the future. I do have Work in proggress videos posted in my Social Media. 
Do you have more questions? 
Please don't hesitate to Contact me! 😊💖

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