My name is Leandra. I’m an Argentinean born artist. Now I live in Barcelona, Spain, since 2003. I studied Graphic Arts 3 years at Escola Joso in Barcelona. I did several jewelry workshops and I'm currently studying Figurative sculpting at Manuela Rivero's School. I'm always looking to continue studying everything that helps me improve artistically.

But what makes me happy is sculpting figures, called OOAK Art Dolls, combining all the different disciplines learned, to become a self-taught sculptress.

OOAK Art Dolls are one-of-a-kind figures, it means that they have been totally created and sculpted by hand and there is no other like it in the world.
The name of Vasilisa’s Dolls comes from "Vasilisa the Beautiful", which is an old Russian fairy tale that inspired me to name my creations. In that tale, Vasilisa is a girl who ends up trapped by the witch Baba Yaga and whenever she wants to harm her, challenging her to do impossible trials to overcome, Vasilisa is always helped and saved by her magic Doll.
If you’d like to read the full Vasilisa’s fairy tale, click here.
The world of dolls came into my life in a moment I felt lost, looking for some “light” too, and then, back in 2011, I started to sculpt, and I finally felt I found what I was looking for.

The Art dolls and Ball jointed dolls saved me with their beauty, with their infinite possibilities and helped me to overcome the difficulties of life.

That's why I invite you to feel this magic and to bring it home, and maybe, like as for Vasilisa and me, they can make your life a little easier and beautiful...
For a Neverending Fantasy!
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