Deet fan Artdoll by Vasilisa's Dolls

If you got here, is because you apreciated the accuracy in my gelfling Artdoll's features, or maybe because you did take notice of the amount of details and handmade work the outfit has.
But I need to say, to get the face accuracy it's the hardest thing to do. 
With Deet, it took me one month of full time work just to get the accuracy of the face. One month and 10 years of sculpting background. I promise you, it's not easy.
I'm an independent artist, so depending on the project, it takes me 2 to 6 months each Artdoll! So I must be honest, it's not cheap... 
But I offer the possibility to do several Payments through a PayPal open invoice, that allows small payments. So, you could start making small payments till the 50 % is completed to reserve your spot. 😊
Please note that I only start working on a commission once the 50% is paid. And I deliver the Artdoll once the Total payment is fulfilled. 

Kira fan Artdoll by Vasilisa's Dolls 

•    Materials: resin, acrylics, pastels, varnish, silk, gauze, viscose fabrics, wire skeleton, batting
•    Height: 8,2 inches (21 cm) tall, 8,6 in (22cm) with wings
Deet or Kira gelfling fan art doll is a poseable ART DOLL.
Designed according to the world of Thra and hand made in full by Leandra Blackvelvet, at Vasilisa’s Dolls.
I hand sculpted her head, hands and feet in Polymer clay, made a homemade silicone mold and cast a copy in resin. I hand painted each piece, with acrylics and pastels, covered with a varnish protection. 
This sculpture is fully poseable and can adopt a wide range of poses due to its inner armature made with a strong wire and wood sticks.
Soft Body is made in stuffed batting covered with fabric.
She also has a poseable head.
Dress and adornments:
The clothes are hand dyed, hand painted details, sewn and glued and are not removable. Her outfit is entirely handmade from silk, gauze, cotton, linen and viscose fabrics, adornments on outfit are painted with pastels and gouache.
The hair is high quality Alpaca doll hair, glued directly to the head and stylized with braids and knotted embroidery thread. 
She has handmade eyes, and eyelashes.
I hand sculpted the wings veins, made a homemade silicone mold and made very fine copies in resin dividing the veins in two, so that the veins could be seen on both sides of each wing. I hand painted the silk wings with watercolors and glued the veins on them.
The wings are removable.

Kira fan Artdoll by Vasilisa's Dolls ​​​​​​​

Deet fan Artdoll by Vasilisa's Dolls

Limited resin copies Price:
Each Art doll takes me 2 to 3 months of full-time work, 320 hours.
I’m asking €1300 Euros for one of them, Free shipping Worldwide!
  Movie or serie characters fanarts, Original OOAK:
I can't promise I will do more Characters from the movie or the serie, as I said at the beginig, to achieve the features of one of this characters is not easy at all.
Of course you can commission me any Characters from the movie or the serie that I never sculpted before. 
The Original sculpt, pure OOAK gelfling character price will be from €5000 to €7.000 euros (depending on the accuracy and demand) and I won't repeat a character ever again. 

Note: I'm constantly sending emails to the Henson Company person in charge of Licensing The Dark Crystal, I still had no answer from them. But please, note that all of this could be modifided if I get the Licence or they answer me somehow.

I hope you understand the work involved and the prices!
Please let me know if you are interested in reserving you a spot by sending me and email to
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