The Moth and the Fairy:

"Elaine was born like a magic fairy, but with one unusual particularity in her fairy town: she had no wings. All her sisters and brothers fairies love to play around flying, so she had a very lonely fairy childhood.  

Elaine was very gently and kindness with nature, always protecting animals and specially flying beings that she admired so much. So swiftly the butterflies became in her best friends, and she was always surrounded by them, which made her company. 

One night, she couldn't sleep, feeling some kind of calling, so she decided to take a nocturnal walk. 

She could see very well because it was full moon night and very soon she saw what was happening at the forest clearing: hundreds of nocturnal butterflies were gathered there!

They made their way until Elaine stood in the center of all the moths and nocturnal butterflies, and the biggest Moon Moth ever seeing approaches to her. She send her a message to Elaine's mind and she said this:

'You already know that moths like me has no mouth, we cannot speak, we cannot eat, and our life as a butterfly is very short....

We all gathered here, and as we love you so much, for your kindness with all creatures, we would like to offer you a deal: I'm the biggest Moon moth in the world, I'm going to die very soon. You have no wings as your brothers and sisters, and we have been more family to you than they ever been. 

I would like to offer you my body and soul, to be part of you, to live with you as one forever and this way, you will have your longed wings.'

The Moon moth spoke like this, and Elaine couldn't do anything than to accept this offering with honor and tears of happiness in her eyes.

Since that night, Elaine has Moon moth wings, and they lived forever together as one being, flying in the forest with her butterflies’ sisters."

Elaine is an OOAK poseable doll, sculpted, painted, dressed and adorned by Leandra Blackvelvet for Vasilisa's Dolls . All rights reserved © Elaine, Moon moth fairy, is registered at International Art Doll Registry IADR# 20171650
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