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Fauve, deer fairy

Fauve, deer fairy

Fauve is an OOAK poseable Art doll, designed, sculpted, painted, dressed and adorned by Leandra Blackvelvet for Vasilisa's Dolls.

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    Fauve, deer fairy

    "I saw her in the forest taking a walk, at first she didn't realize, then tried to hide. Later, when she saw I pretended no harm, she let me approach, and we ended making a beautiful friendship ^_^ "


    "Fauve, deer fairy" is a One of a kind original ART DOLL
    Designed and hand made in full by Lean.
    Fauve, deer fairy, is registered at International Art Doll Registry IADR# 20171552


    I hand sculpted her head, horns, bust, arms and feet in air dry clay; hand painted with pastels and acrylics. Covered with a varnish protection.


    This sculpture is fully poseable and can adopt a wide range of poses due to its inner armature made with a strong wire and wood sticks.

    Soft Body made in stuffed batting covered with Lycra and cotton mixed fabric.

    Also has a ball-jointed poseable head.

    Dress and adornments:

    The clothes are hand sewn and glued and are not removable. Her outfit is entirely handmade from gauze, silk, vintage fabrics, leather, feathers, and the gem on his corset is a real Moonstone!

    The skirt has ribbons that allow you to change the style. If you tie the ribbons to the sides of her waist, the skirt obtains a bell flower or Victorian style appearance! You can see this different options in the last photos above ;)

    The Butterfly wings are hand painted with watercolors on pure silk and are removable.

    The flower crown is hand made also, with fabric, paper and dried flowers and leaves and is removable.

    She has glass eyes and high quality suri alpaca doll hair.


    She is 14 inches (36 cm) tall, 15 in (38 cm) with wings.

    Important Notes:

    *Vasilisa's Dolls creations come with an artist's certificate of authenticity.
    *Please note, that this doll is an art collectible, not a toy for children.
    *Please do not let this Art doll get wet, as it is created from materials that could be damaged by contact with water!
    *To change the pose, only bend at the elbows and knees, NEVER from the edges like the fingers of the hands, wrists or ankles.
    *The doll can stand on her own, but you can use a stand if you prefer, but stand is not included.
    *The doll is all made by hand and will never be reproduced.

    All pictures, and artwork Copyright 2017 Lina Leandra Martínez aka Leandra Blackvelvet from Vasilisa's Dolls©, all rights reserved.

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