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Jum Jum (RedFox)

Jum Jum Artist BJD

Jum Jum prototype is original designed and hand sculpted by Lean

It’s a little fennec fox in orange resin, like a Red fox, with a very special feature: 
Squishy Paw Pads!

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    Jum Jum Artist BJD

    Jum Jum prototype is original designed and hand sculpted by 
    “Bichines” BJD are a line of little animals in resin, with the same body called “Bichín” line.

    It’s a YOSD (Tiny doll) BJD (Ball Jointed Doll). Of about 8,27 inches (21 cm) tall.

    He looks like a friendly Red Fox, with the big ears topped with brown and bright foxy eyes.


    It has two special features:

    cute hands that bend in wrists like our pets!

      squishy PAW PADS!



    · A complete nude doll, stringed with elastic cords, without faceup.

    · The Resin is in orange color skin.

    · Squishy Paw Pads included! Please choose the color, if you don't, the default color for this Jum Jum is Brown.

    · A pair of 16 mm handmade eyes, crystal cabochons, color as seen in the photographs.

    · COA: certificate of authenticity.

    · Cushioned protector bag specially designed for Jum Jum.



    · Cute Artist face up designed and performed by Lean.

    · Factory seams sanded

    · Body Blushing. Note: Body Blushing is only available with Sanded Seams. As it is handmadeif I leave the factory seams, the pastels could stain the seams.


    Manufacturing time: The processing and fabrication time is around 2 to 3 months (90 days max.) + 1 month if you choose some of the extra Options.

    Layaway: You can purchase Jum Jum Kitsune by subscribing a layaway from 2 to 3 installments. For more information, click here.


    Bichines Measurements:

    Total Height (include Head) : 21 cm fox
    Eyes size: 16mm
    Head circumference: 13,5 cm fox without ears
    Neck circumference: 4,5 cm
    Chest circumference: 11,5 cm
    Waist circumference: 10,5 cm
    Belly circumference: 12,5 cm
    Hips circumference: 14 cm
    Shoulder arm to arm: 6,5 cm
    Leg length : 7,5 cm
    Arm length: 5 cm

    Jum Jum (RedFox)

    Jum Jum (RedFox) & Jum Jum (WhiteFox)

    This is NOT a toy. It is not destined to be used by children or minors. The responsibility for its use and handling will be entirely yours.

    Please note the slight color variations that there may be between the product and their pictures displayed. As they depend on the inevitable displaying differences existed between various computer screens, mobile phones and / or tablets. And the light when the photographs has been taken.

    Every Artist face up or make up is handmade, as each makeup  is unique, there may be small variations.

    Frequently movement of the ball jointed doll can rub or damage the parts with body blushing.