How to care your Doll

Ball Jointed Dolls and OOAK Art Dolls are NOT toys. These kind of dolls needs some basic cares.

Careful handling

When you receive the doll package, it comes in a double box, the outside box is likely dirty, as it was traveling to arrive to you. So, after opening the box, wash your hands before to handle the doll. Do not use lotions on your hands either, it may contain oils, that are harmful to resin and may stains your doll.

You might want to invest in white cotton gloves. You would be surprised how much cleaner your doll stays if you handle it with gloves.

Resin isn't fragile material, but be careful not to drop your doll on hard surfaces. They can chip, and sometimes crack. Fingers are susceptible to damage as they are thin and delicate. When you’re not playing with it, or when you need to free your hands for a moment (as when you’re in a photo session and you need to change something in your camera) Put it on the protector bag opened or on a cushion surface.

BJD dolls


The BJD Line MOD and WOW are made of polyurethane resin. Although the factory add a UV protection to the resin, with the pass of time, all resins could change a little their original colors, tending to yellow, due to the oxidation and exposure to UV rays. So please keep your resin dolls away from the direct sunlight and UV rays (even in cloudy days are UV rays).

At home you can expose them in crystal shelves in a room without windows (or curtains drawn), away from the dust and direct sun light. Or keep them in their protector bags or original boxes if you don’t have a shelf. When you go outside for an event, a meetup or photo session, try to keep your dolls in the shadow to avoid yellowing.

Temperature and humidity

Avoid extreme heat and extreme cold. Keep your dolls away from vents and air conditioner and heaters.

Do not keep your dolls in a room with a humidifier, or near the bath or shower, humidity may damage your doll.

Faceup care and cleaning your doll

“Faceup” is how “make up” is called in a BJD doll. It is done with pastels, watercolor pencils, acrylics and it is sealed with a matte spray. Although the sealant used to be very strong, Faceup could be scratched if you don’t handle with care. So please take care of the doll's face: try not to touch it, move the doll's head holding it above the ears. Avoid moving the head from the chin, or you will notice stain through the time in that zone.

If doll's face got dirty due to some accident, you may gently clean it with water and a little drop of diluted dishwashing detergent, using cotton swabs or pads. Any trace of dishwashing liquid should be thoroughly cleaned out because oils and grease may cause faceup damage. For minor spots, an artist’s kneaded eraser or crumbly white eraser may also work just as well.

For cleaning the body, use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, aka magic sponges. They come in a variety of brands and sizes. It is a soft, white sponge sold in stores in the cleaning aisle.  If your doll get marks on it, or gets dirty from handling, you can clean it up with this kind of sponge. Use it for a doll cleaning, mostly on the body, try to avoid using them on a face up or bodies with body blushing, as they can remove sealant and paint, please remember that it should be done very gently, as Magic Block is an ultra-fine abrasive.

If you want to clean the entire doll, remember that your doll is a “ball jointed doll” that is held together in elastic strings. Don't sink your entire doll in the kitchen sink or bath. If you only dry the outer surface of the doll, the strings will possibly rot. You'd have to disassemble it piece by piece and let out the elastic strings to dry.

Oil is harmful to resin and should stains you doll. DO NOT use scented, moisturizing human soaps. Better use non-scented mild soap or non-scented basic dish detergent.

Clothes and wigs can sometimes stain a doll:

Dark wigs can have dye that could stain the headcap.  The easiest way to avoid this problem is to buy a silicone wig cap which additionally will help hold your doll’s wig securely on its head. These are available online in doll stores and on ebay.

Avoid leaving your doll dressed in dark colors, these colors can sometimes fade and stain the resin. If you have any doll jeans or jean jacket, try hand washing them first, to let the excess of blue chemicals comes out.

OOAK Art Dolls

Please do not let this Art doll get wet, as it is created from materials that could be damaged by contact with water!

To change the pose, only bend at the elbows and knees, NEVER from the edges like the fingers of the hands, wrists or ankles.

Doll Stands

If you decided to expose your doll inside a crystal shelf, use a doll stand unless the doll is sitting. Even dolls that balance beautifully by themselves can tip over and fall off a shelf.