My name is Lean (short of Leandra). I’m an Argentinean born artist. Now I live in Barcelona, Spain, since 2003. I was a makeup artist for over 15 years, then I studied graphic arts three years at Escola Joso in Barcelona, did several jewelry workshops, and I’m always looking to continue studying all that help me improve artistically. 

But I really found myself when I started to sculpt DOLLS.

The name of Vasilisa’s Dolls comes from “Vasilisa the Beautiful”, that is an ancient Russian fairy tale that inspired me to name my creations. Vasilisa is a girl who is trapped by the Witch Baba Yaga, and whenever she wanted to harm her, giving her almost impossible tasks to fulfill, she is helped and saved by her magic Doll.

The World of Dolls came into my life in a moment I was really lost, and they’ve come to save me with its beauty, with its infinite possibilities. So, for me, it’s more than a job, or a passion, it’s a way of living and to bring hope to others.

If you’d like to read the full Vasilisa’s fairy tale, click here.

I love fantasy creatures, mythology, gods, everything supernatural or magical. But I pursue to do an anatomical correct doll first, focusing on creative design, but considering the anatomy, in how it should be in this new creature that I am designing. Then, I'd like to transform that in something new, full characters, with their own story and with their special, unique soul.

Welcome to Vasilisa’s Dolls World!

Neverending Fantasy!

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