Quality standards

Aesthetics and Poseability 

When I create a doll, especially in the case of a ball jointed doll, my aim is to create something beautiful, but at the same time I worry about the joints mechanism. I believe a balance between Aesthetics and Poseability  is essential to create a BJD.

When I sculpt a doll, there’s a full step of checking the mechanics, where I pose the doll in several ways and one of my main goals is when the doll stays on its feet alone. The sitting position is very important to me too, the back must stay straight while is sitting and the knees and elbows should be poseable, but nice to the eye at the same time.

I pursue to do an anatomical correct Doll, focusing on a Creative Design, but considering the Anatomy, on how it should be in this new Creature that I am designing.

For me it’s very important the symmetry of the face and the body, I carefully check them in front of a mirror while I’m sculpting, and looking at the pieces from every angle, from above, from below, rotating it.

With the faces and heads I like to sculpt every doll very different from the other. In the slim dolls I tried to be original but at the same time neutral. For example, with Lilithium I wanted her to be sexy but with a neutral expression, so her owner or face up artist could change her, to custom her like a full new character. With Lilly, I draw a subtle and mischievous smile on her face, so she could be sweet or evil, depending on the face up and the full look the owner choose for her.


Resin quality

Before to send a prototype to the factory, there’s a lot of work on the doll’s surface. It’s sanded several times to achieve a perfect surface, we apply several coats of the finest surfacer primer, it's sanded again, and so on. Till the surface looks smooth, so the mold won’t capture any imperfections.

I’m very strict with the resin quality and the finishing. That’s why I work with the best manufacturers in the market. They use the best resin, with UV protection, with a soft and matte finish to the eye and to the touch, that emulates skin so well that make the dolls look “alive”.